Hi, I am Paula--the Pet Sitter. If you wish to contact me, use the above info.
NOT a boarding facility! I provide care for your pet in your home.

"I used to pass up on weekend trips and dread traveling to my parents' for holidays because I couldn't leave my cats home alone for a weekend and knew they hated road trips.  After I moved to Brookings and found Paula, that has changed.  The peace of mind I get knowing my cats are being taken care of each day I am gone is priceless!  Additionally, the cats don't get stressed out in a new environment because they are staying in their own home.  Paula is a great person to call if you are traveling and want to make sure your pets get the best care possible with you not there." 

--Rachel Joseph

"I recently moved to Brookings and Paula was recommended by a friend.  Our cat is rather spoiled and needs lots of attention, so I wouldn't trust just anyone.  Paula is very caring and detail oriented and is always friendly and easy to communicate with.  We would highly recommend Paula." 


"I always feel better about going on vacation and leaving my cat when I know Paula will be coming in every day to take care of Casey. It makes for a worry-free vacation."

–Audrey Landauer

"Paula has done a wonderful job taking care of our Emma (silken terrier).  She is reliable, responsible, caring, and just a warm, loving, kind person.  She has gone out of her way to get to know Emma and meet her needs, and she leaves a detailed journal of each visit.  She does her best to meet the needs and desires of both the owner and pet.  Paula has also done extra special things for our daughter, Ashley.  Paula takes the stress and worry out of leaving our Emma at home.  She truly has a passion for what she does.  Her love and care for our Emma is truly appreciated!  Thank you, Paula!"

--The Geppert’s

"My cat loves Paula!  We’re so grateful for her. She is professional, reliable, and genuinely caring.  It’s wonderful knowing that I can go out of town and not have to stress out about who is going to take care of my cat.  I always return home to a relaxed, well-fed, happy feline.  Paula is wonderful.  Highly recommended."


"Our seven-year-old poodles had never been left with anyone and don’t make friends easily.  At our first meeting, we noticed that Paula  had a very calm and patient way with animals.  She became a trusted friend to Annie and Lizzy.  Now while we are away, they remain comfortable in their own surroundings under her care.  We also appreciate the house sitting services she has provided.  Paula  is a treasure!"

--Forrest & Penny

"Paula--the Pet Sitter has taken excellent care of our pets for several years. When our cat needed medical care during our absence, Paula took her to the vet and visited her daily. She probably saved our cat's life. When our furnace went out during our Christmas vacation, Paula called a repair man and saved our house from frozen pipes. We are pleased to recommend Paula's pet sitting service to anyone who cares about their pets."

--Darrell and Luanne Napton

"I first met Paula several years ago when I had to be out of the state for two weeks and needed to arrange for care for my 4 neutered, declawed indoor cats.  Because cats are 'set in their ways,' upsetting their daily routine is not an adventure, it is a threat.  Cats choose.  Cats control.  Cats decide.  And they definitely remember.  So, was there a way to keep them in their familiar comfort zone, in their home, following their daily schedule...I wondered.  And when the Vet suggested Paula--The Pet Sitter, I contacted her immediately.  Two weeks, that is 14 days--a serious commitment.  Would she be available?  I held my breath and crossed my fingers.  She said, "Let's talk" and then she sat on my couch, a cat on her lap, and said "Yes."  As for myself, I was impressed by her business-like manner as she took notes and the casual, obviously comfortable rapport between her and the cats as we talked.  And so now, as then, Paula takes careful notes and conscientiously maintains that daily routine on the rare occasions when I have to travel out-of-state.  My cats can stay in their familiar surroundings, receive that carefully noted excellent physical care and some stroking or perhaps they can even chase a toy now and then, and the only difference is who is there once a day to care for them.  Thank you, Paula, and my cats thank you, too."

--Seanna Rugenstein