Hi, I am Paula--the Pet Sitter. Call me at 697-6530 (home) or 695-7006 (cell), fill out my contact form,
or just send me a quick email. I live at 1027 Orchard Drive in Brookings, SD.
NOT a boarding facility! I provide care for your pet in your home.

Providing a variety of at-home services since 2001. Just give me a call to set up your
FREE Introductory Meeting so we can determine your needs and I can meet your pet.

What is Pet Sitting?

Going away on vacation or on a business trip? Don't know what to do with the family pet? Let Paula--the Pet Sitter ease your mind by taking care of your dog or cat in your own home while you are gone. I will feed, water, cuddle, play, and otherwise treat your pet like royalty. I can also bring in the mail and newspaper, water houseplants, rotate your lights, and make your house look lived-in giving you an added sense of security while you are out of town. Even if you aren't going out of town but will be gone all day, I can visit your pet during its long hours at home alone. Ask any Vet - it is less traumatic and much healthier for your pet to stay at home rather than at a pet boarding facility.

Just let me know what your needs are by giving me a call to arrange a FREE Introductory Meeting with you and your pet. Remember...I am your pet's Best Friend while You aren't there!

Call me at (605)697-6530 or (605)695-7006. Messages are checked frequently and calls are returned as soon as possible.



FREE Introductory Meeting
FREE Taking in Mail and Papers
FREE Watering of Potted Plants
(up to 5)
FREE TLC & Playing with Pets

$10- One Visit per Day for House Sitting
$12- One Visit per Day for 1 Pet
$7- Each Additional Visit
$5- Each Day per Additional Dog
$1- Each Day per Additional Cat/Other
$5- Each Day for Medication Needs
$5- Each Day for Holiday Weekends
(i.e. Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon)
$0.50 Per Mile Mileage Fee
(round trip from my house)

PLUS Applicable State and City Taxes