Hi, I am Paula--the Pet Sitter. If you wish to contact me, use the above info.
NOT a boarding facility! I provide care for your pet in your home.

I provide a variety of in-home services. Just give me a call to set up a
FREE Introductory Meeting so we can determine your needs
and I can meet your pet.

What is Pet Sitting?

Going away on vacation or on a business trip? Don't know what to do with the family pet? Let Paula--the Pet Sitter ease your mind by taking care of your dog or cat in your own home while you are gone. I will feed, water, cuddle, play, and otherwise treat your pet like royalty. I can also bring in the mail and newspaper, water houseplants, rotate your lights, and make your house look lived-in giving you an added sense of security while you are out of town. Even if you aren't going out of town but will be gone all day, I can visit your pet during its long hours at home alone. Ask any Vet - it is less traumatic and much healthier for your pet to stay at home rather than at a pet boarding facility.

Just let me know what your needs are by giving me a call to arrange a FREE Introductory Meeting with you and your pet. Remember...I am your pet's Best Friend While You Aren't There!




Introductory Meeting
Taking in Mail and Papers
TLC & Playing with Pets
Watering of Potted Plants
  (up to 5)
$12 -
Per Visit
$5 -
Each Day per Additional Dog
$5 -
Each Day for Medication Needs
$5 -
Each Day for Holiday Weekends
(i.e. Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon)
Per Mile Mileage Fee
  (round trip from my house)
PLUS Applicable State and City Taxes


Call me at (605)697-6530 or (605)695-7006.
Messages are checked frequently and calls are returned as soon as possible.